The media landscape is an intimidating place for the un-initiated. At List Co. we aim to make media contact information more accessible.

We've gathered hundreds of published contact details for the world's top publications and organised them into useful categories. Each list is an up-to-date snapshot of the key publishing leaders in a range of industries; Travel, Design, Fashion, Food, Wellness, Architecture and Luxury.  

The contact details in the List Co. lists have been made public by the featured media outlets, but we've taken a trained PR eye to the media landscape, hunted down the most useful information and presented it in a way that is un-intimidating, user-friendly and affordable. 

The lists have been made with small business in mind, providing essential media contacts that are vetted and verified. They are directly relevant to your business category, and the region where you trade. 

All the data is accessed on your device through the List Co. app. 



We are always adding value to your List Co. lists with new publications and niche titles.


List Co. indexes are always changing, and lists for new regions and industries are being produced all the time. If you can't find the list you need for your category or region please let us know. We will get in touch as soon as the information you want is available.